Dr Julie - is there a facemask recommended for dry skin?

Hi I’m Dr Julie from the Bradford Clinic and co-founder of Levicute skincare and I’m here to answer some aesthetic questions for you.

Is there a mask recommend for dry skin?

Is there a mask recommended for dry skin? We recommend the Levicute Seaweed Mask.

How to get rid of dull skin?                                             

The seaweed mask will hydrate and brighten the skin and will stimulate collagen and it creates a bit of exfoliation.  It sloughs off those dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin that creates a bit of dullness in the complexion.  The magic ingredient in our seaweed mask is an extract from Bladderwrack – Fucoidan and this is a seaweed that grows in pristine Tasmanian waters – it creates a nice radiant skin.  Tyrosine is an important enzyme that helps us create melanin in our skin – fucoidan inhibits this enzyme so less melanin is produced and this his how it brightens the skin