Emily OKeeffe tries out our Levicute facemasks with her whole family - thanks Em!

We have been following Emily for some time - she is an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia, a radio personality for Hot Tomato 102.9 and blogger - she's a lovely lady who lives on the Gold Coast with handsome hubby Gerard Murtagh and gorgeous children Millie and Teddy.   She at one time lived in Toowoomba too!

Emily and her family had some great fun trying out both the charcoal and the seaweed mask's in Millie's new beauty salon, you can watch it all in the video above. A family who masks together, stays together!!!

Our masks are vegan, uni-sex and free of fragrances and nasties, so an ideal addition to families wishing to address skin issues such as healing sun damage and acne prone skin by removing excess sebum (oil) and toxins, increasing moisture retention by 33% which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps keep premature aging at bay - keeping your skin cells healthy with a barrier against pollution with regular use of our masks.  

Emily is trying out the two combo packs - the Hydrate Combo and the Detox Combo.  You can use them as a two week intensive treatment or a six week general maintenance treatment for dry, oily or combination skin conditions.

If you have any skin concerns you wish to address please drop us a note and we can help with any queries.  Happy watching.