Anti-aging Seaweed Mask - why it works

Lets talk about the fucoidan extract in our seaweed !   

The antioxidant properties of fucoidan help protect the skin from harmful damage from free radicals that can be caused by UV exposure, pollution and other environmental stresses to give the appearance of aged and tired skin. In fact, by inhibiting these free radicals it aids in the regeneration of healthy skin cells and promotes the natural restorative ability of the skin to keep it revitalised.

Benefits of Fucoidan

  • Infuses the skin, improving and keeping the skin healthy
  • Antioxidant properties protect from free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Increases elasticity
  • Lightening excess pigmentation
  • Protecting precious skin moisture


In addition to these attributes, the fucoidan contained within Levicutes’s Seaweed Extract Face Mask improves various skin problems by protecting precious skin moisture via increased moisture retention, especially after UV exposure.  With dryness being one of the greatest enemies of beautiful skin, skin moisturising should not be overlooked when trying to improve the condition of skin.  When skin lacks water and oil, it starts to lose its elasticity, wrinkles tend to appear more easily, and the skin looks more tired and stressed.  By improving skin moisture retention and assisting it to be well hydrated, this helps sooth and calm may dry and sensitive skin conditions.

Fucoidan studies that have shown that it infuses the skin and actively works at the cellular level, by participating in many different metabolic processes, to vitally aid in improving and keeping the skin healthy.

In the above video it discusses the species of seaweed - wild Bladderwrack that fucoidan comes from - this seaweed would have been used in days gone by infused in a hot bath for the oils to come out and treat skin complaints!  These days we use the organic extract of this seaweed which is sustainably sourced from wild bladderwrack in Tasmania  packed with brightening bioactives to increase moisture retention and healing properties after UV exposure.  

 Next week - we will talk activated charcoal and why we use it in our masks!