As you get older, the skin on your décolletage (neckline, upper chest, shoulders) changes. It frequently feels dry. There may be freckling, uneven colour or a crépey texture with creases.

These highly-visible signs of aging skin are fairly typical.  After all, the décolletage is an extremely sensitive skin zone. It has fewer oil-producing glands than facial skin; it also has less elasticity and density. This “thinner skin” gets damaged easily – especially by UV rays – and loses moisture quickly.

For most women, care for the décolletage is an afterthought. Using a hydrating mask such as the Levicute seaweed mask will improve the skin’s appearance and restore moisture, giving it a plumper, more even tone.

Use it twice a week for the best result.

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What does fucoidan (seaweed extract) do for your Décolletage

  • Traps moisture in the deep layers of the skin allowing the skin to be less stressed. This assists in plumping the skin making it thicker and allows the skin cells to work properly instead of trying to do their job under stressful conditions when the skin is dry.
  • Speeds up the skin healing process, especially after UV exposure and cases of sunburn, by stimulating the skin’s wound-healing genes. It soothes irritated skin.
  • Assists with developing a more even skin tone by reducing redness and skin pigmentation and age spots by inhibiting melanin production.
  • Helps in the skin’s regeneration process of developing new skin cells giving rise to thicker and less tired-looking skin.
  • Fucoidan stimulates the production of the body’s protein that is known for its longevity-boosting and anti-ageing activity that gives rise to increased youthfulness of the skin. By doing this it slows the skin aging process.

 Our masks are vegan, not tested on animals  and are natural - made and owned in Australia using local suppliers.