Dr Julie Bradford  (guest speaker at the 2018 Vogue Beauty & Anti-Aging Event)

Our founder, Dr Julie is proud to report her new anti-aging seaweed mask is now officially on the market. The effect of brightening on young skin, all the way to adding plumpness and reducing the appearance of age spots on mature skin has created a tribe of loyal fans.

She would like to talk about the masks we developed and how they can repair the appearance of  damage and restore lustre to our skin.  The damage can be caused by pollution, stress, UV from the Australian sun and many others causes - while we all know the slip, slop, slap (and now slide), what can we do? 

You could try a six week challenge with our seaweed mask kit which contains the brightening organic fucoidin polymer in seaweed species Fucus vesiculosus has powerful antioxidant activity, extensive clinical trials confirmed the seaweed extract increased moisture retention following UV exposure. It was also shown to reduce redness after UV exposure, as well as activate key genes associated with wound healing. 

Read all about this extract in our seaweed blog, but its a wonder extract that is 100% Australian - made by Marinova in Tasmania.   

You can watch their reactions here.